Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 Superb Ways to Get Traffic on your Blog

Now, you've a good  blog and some contents published in it. After doing this, don't think that you're success by now. If you think like this and stop blogging then, it will not take your blog to be down. for keeping the Blog up and even upper, you need to get  traffic in your Blog. Its also a big problem but has very easy solutions!!! Follow the tips below and you'll get traffic in your blog for free and in lot number.

Writing Contents Regularly and Originally
"The more you work, the more you get." This is what works in Blogging field. he more the contents you write in your blog by own creative ideas, the more the chances to get hundreds and even thousands of visitors in your blog/website. People love those blogs where they can find a lot of useful information and resources which they haven't found till yet. This doesn't means that for writing lots of contents, you'll have to copy others contents. If your readers find that you've copied the contents, the might not come to your blog from Next time. Remember this thing that a long term is worth a hundred new one-time visitor.  So, write contents regularly and originally and get more traffic to keep your blog up!

Inserting Pictures in contents
This is also a great way to get traffic. If you keep the pictures in your blog and label then then search engines pick up them and there are millions of people who search for images and they can find about your blog by the pictures and interested people will come to your blog regularly. By this way, I'd got 1500 total visitors from Google Images to my blog          KTM-City. Remember, this help you a lot if your blog is about history, geography and ancient things. 

Blog Commenting
Commenting on other people's blog is a easiest and a guarrenteed traffic source for your blog. You can find the most popular blog/websites under your Niche and comment on their blogs. This will give you free traffic and also back link which will help you to increase Rankings. Here are the list of top 8 Blogs under Blogging category, which can give you a lot of traffic if you comment on their Blogs
2CreateAWebsite Blog
(I'm suggesting these blogs for you because I've got much amount of traffic from them in my blog I hope you'll also get !!)

Guest Posting
Guest posting is the king of all after Writing Contents. Whenever you post a guest post in a big blog on your Niche and it gets published, tens of thousands of people will take a look at it and many will find it interesting and come to your blog for more. This will also help you to increase your blog's subscribers  anyway. So, start guest posting on blogs and get traffic to your blog. This will also help you to make money by Freelancing.

Harnessing Power of Social Networks
You have an option to submit your post in the Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg and many others after you write the posts. Once you publish and submit the articles many people will click on the link and they'll be redirected to your blog which will increase your blog's traffic. So, Social Networking will also help you a lot for getting traffic and keeping Blog upper and upper everyday. You can add a sharing Widget on your blog by click here.

Abetop Autoclick
This website gives you free 1000 traffic at first signup. You have a choice where you want to drive it. Also it provides you with free surf bar by which you can view new websites in their list and earn more credits(1 credit=1 visit) You can make thousands of credits and drive thousands of people on your Blog.

(Do you have any trouble in getting traffic in your blog, have any more suggestions for increasing traffic on your blog feel free to comment on the comment form below or send me an Email by clicking here)

                                         Have a Happy Blogging!!!!

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